I lived in Manhattan NYC for many years. Often times people would tell me they did not like my beloved city and I never took offense to it. You either love New York or you hate it. I think that may be the same about Berlin…and…  I did not like it. It’s strange for me to just flat out, not liked a city.. until now. I have traveled extensively but I found Berlin to be cold (even though we were there in August during a heat wave), industrial, dirty and very very unfriendly.. and quite perverted. (just google KitKat Club Berlin)

Reese, her apprentice Jackie and I jumped onto the Eurorail for a few hours from Prague to Berlin.  We were meeting up with Loz and Vanessa who flew from France after attending the Deauville Tattoo Convention.

Berlin bars

Eurail vs the Bus 

When traveling throughout Europe, my recommendation is don’t get a Eurail pass unless you are planning to be there for a while and traveling around to different countries. Only purchase a ticket to/from your destination/country. Another tip when taking the train;  you’re going to be hoisting your luggage, up stairs, onto the train, then into little cabins full with people. From here you’ll need to put your luggage UP over everyone’s head while they are sitting there. awwwkkkwwarrrdddd… Honestly, I prefer buses which take almost the same amount of time plus your luggage is thrown below and out of the way! Plus, our train did not have air conditioning and it was HOT and FULL of sweaty annoyed people.

Ibis Hotel vs Moxy Hotels

We stayed at Hotel Ibis.  Ibis hotels are sprinkled all over Europe, South America, New Zealand and Australia. (I stayed at one in New Zealand and France in the past) They are an economy hotel with great rates, breakfast usually included and just sorta…. ok.  BUT, when we arrived at our Ibis in Berlin, I realized there was a Moxy Hotel across the street! I’m a HUGE fan of Moxy Hotels popping up all over Europe right now. We walked across the street to get a drink at the bar and the bartender told us about the coolest pool party near us TRY MOXY HOTELS! you won’t be disappointed!

Loz and Vanessa

Berlin Wall 

I purposely booked us close to East Side Gallery.  This is a mile-long stretch of the Berlin Wall which is now one of the largest remaining portions of the former divide between East and West Germany. Graffiting on the wall has become popular for artists from all over the world and a place where we went to admire the artwork.  The Berlin Wall is one of the largest canvas in the world. Much of the artwork is not claimed by artists and remains anonymous. Because the wall is open to everyone, there are no restrictions on what artists can put on the wall. Actually most of Berlin is heaven for any muralist or graffiti artist. There is artwork EVERYWHERE!

What I’m going to say about Berlin is, if you see an abundance of bikes outside an alley.. walk down that alley. There’s the most epic party or bar at the end in that alley. Something completely unique like you have never seen before.

Berlin Murals

It was usually hot in Berlin and based on the Moxy bartenders recommendation we ventured out to find the pool party. We took an Uber not too far and were dropped off in yet another alley where a stray dog ran across my pathway. There was graffiti everywhere as we walked down into the dirt ground area and as we turned a corner and there was a kick ass pool party in full swing on a random Wednesday during the day!

Oh Berlin.. you have a pulse all it’s own.

We only stayed two days (which flew by) before it was time for all of us to fly up to Copenhagen for 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen Tattoo Expo. 

luggage to Copenhagen